buy CCcam  , or Card Sharing Community, is a protocol used to distribute digital television signals via satellite.

It allows multiple users to share a single subscription card,allowing them to access the same channels without the need for multiple subscriptions.

This is especially useful for people who live in areas where certain channels

are not available through traditional means, or for those who want to access channels that are only available in other countries.

CCcam  s works by connecting a subscription card to a computer or set-top box,which is then connected to a satellite dish.

The computer or set-top box acts as a server,

distributing the signals to other users who have CCcam client software installed on their machines.

This allows multiple users to access the same subscription card and watch the channels it provides.

Despite these issues, CCcam remains a popular choice for those who want access to a wider range of channels at a lower cost.

If you’re thinking of using it, you’re welcome.

The free server has nothing to do with the server you will subscribe to, it is a completely different server.
Please don’t compare or make an idea out of it, paid server is stronger and more stable.

The Free Server is Just a Reshare From Some Cards and Some Cache ECM,

Please if you want a Stable and Freez Free Watching you have to move to CCcam .

Our CCCAM SERVER is the best in the European market and this is due to different reasons,

first of all our exclusive antifreeze systems v8.2 developed by our team.


  • We allow you to have the best 4K, HD & 3D experience
  • We have 50+ servers hosted, offer you the best streaming.

With Our CCcam Server accessing your favourite Channels is fast,

easy and cost-effective, All packages are available

in SD,HD,3D our industry-leading anti-freeze and fast zapping technology guarantee a zero freeze viewing experience and seamless channel switching.

What is cccam server?
Simply, it is the sharing of broadcasts between users through the sharing of users who have purchased the original cards for the monopolized channels of content, whether sports or entertainment, in relatively large amounts, and re-sharing the numbers and code of those cards with other people through a server called siscam. Online .
Is cccam server free?
Originally, it was based on a paid system in order to get the largest amount of encrypted channels openly within the server, and there are many sites that provide the paid service at prices that vary between high, medium and low, according to the packages that those servers open.
But there are many sites and forums that offer free servers for a trial period for a specific period, such as 24 hours or 48 hours to try packages before purchasing, and we can benefit from them during the specified period and renew the trial period again as desired.




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