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netflix 3 months 1 screen

Netflix now has a wide selection of some of the most inspiring documentaries ever created. No matter what you are looking for and what you like to watch, there is bound to be something that will stimulate your mind and move your heart to other aspirations.
Netflix is a box of entertainment but it has expanded its scope beyond entertainment by adding inspiring movies that can make you truly mesmerized with a storyline that creates a sense of motivation in you. Watching these movies can improve a person’s life progress to the good direction. So we’ve brought together a curated collection of the best inspirational movies to watch on Netflix.

Disclaimer: The movies listed in the article are available on Netflix on a temporary basis.
Why you should watch inspirational movies on Netflix
Perhaps you are lying back on the sofa with the TV remote control. Or maybe you’re checking out the Netflix library on your phone or tablet while you’re traveling.

You can watch this comedy series which you have already watched three times. But isn’t it better to watch an inspiring movie on Netflix that can motivate you to improve your life?

If so, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve compiled a list of inspiring Netflix movies.

We highly recommend watching these movies whether you’re feeling inspired or need some extra motivation. Just remember not to watch movies on your smartphone.

1. Good Will Hunting

Starring Robin Williams (Mrs. Doubtfire, etc.), Matt Damon (Jason Bourne movies), and Stellan Skarsgård (Thor, Avengers Assemble), Good Will Hunting tells the story of an uncredited genius by the name of Will Hunting (Damon).

The story of the film revolves around “Will”, a young man with a genius talent in solving mathematical problems and a tremendous ability for self-learning. However, despite this, he works as a cleaner in an institute and also works as a construction worker. He meets by chance a professor of mathematics who teaches at the institute where he works. Woe!

After Lowell assaults a policeman, he finds himself studying advanced mathematics with Professor Gerald Lambeau (Skarsgård). After glimpses of his hidden genius turn out to be frustrating to build upon, Lambeau is forced to turn to an aging psychologist, Dr. Sean Maguire (Williams).
His relationship with Will is compelling, if feisty, but eventually Will will find himself sharing details of his abused childhood, working through the problems of his life and the walls he has built.



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